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    Considered solutions for your intellectual property needs.

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    A patent provides exclusive rights to an invention. These rights restrict who can make, import, sell, and/or use the invention.


    Using our strong technical experience and knowledge of patent systems, we make the process of filing patent applications, and obtaining patent protection in Australia and overseas clear and simple.

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    Registered Designs

    Registering a design protects the visual form of a product.


    We use our extensive knowledge of the registered designs system to give clients effective and valuable design protection, in Australia and internationally. We carefully craft design applications, and recommend practical application filing strategies that optimize protection.

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    Intellectual Property Management

    Intellectual property is most effectively managed by taking an overall perspective. This involves regularly auditing an IP portfolio, putting in place processes to capture critical innovation, and devising strategies to ensure optimal protection.


    We work closely with clients to understand their immediate and long term commercial intentions, and ensure their IP protection aligns with these intents.